AERO-FEEDER: Aeration system and food provision for shrimp farming and other aquatic species in semi intensive and extensive exploitations of the Pyramid’s Base.

This is an affordable device for small intensive farms with low incomes. The basic premises for their design is to solve two problems of such exploitations, an inadequate water oxygenation and the poor food distribution for the organisms. It has been considered that the device should be easily transported from one pond to another reducing its weight so, that a single person can make it.

To carry out these premises it has been devised a floating propelled device and maneuvered by one person who is on it and this incorporates an oxygenation system based on paddles that stir the water to the atmosphere and a system for distributing feed.

This device is mounted on a floating basis of  about 1.5 meters lenght and 1 meter wide with the following elements:

  1. Driving system. To perform all functions described before the devide provides two alternative systems, the main one formed by pedals like in a bicycle to be powered by the same person who governs the device and optionally if required in the operator, there is a small internal combustion engine (which can run with biodiesel) to assist the propulsion. These two alternative systems may work either individually or both together.
  2. Oxygenation and propulsion system. The same paddles that remove the water for the oxygenation are responsible for propelling the device itself in the pond.
  3. Feed delivery system. It provides a system that take advantadge of the same operation described in point 1 to deliver the feed. This mechanism would be formed by an accumulation of feed hopper, a rotary disc system by centrifugal force that distributes the feed, and a standard dose adjustment for the amount of this feed during the displacement of the device.
  4. Directional system. It provides a simple steering wheel mechanism governed by the operator to direct the device inside the pond.


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