Agriculture in the 21st century faces multiple challenges: it has to produce more food and fibre to feed a growing population with a smaller rural labour force, more feedstocks for a potentially huge bioenergy market,adopt more efficient and sustainable production methods and adapt to climate change.

After more than one decade, FEMAC has decided to integrate a Smart Specialization Strategy in the Cluster to better respond to complex Agricultural development challenges through the following approaches:

  • Rejuvenating farm machinery sector through higher value-added activities and new market niches;
  • Modernizing by adopting and disseminating new technologies (KETs) like photonics, electronics and GIS & GPS
  • Developing new economic activities through radical technological change and breakthrough innovations; and
  • Exploiting new forms of innovation such as open and user-led innovation, social innovation and service innovation.

To be able to accost it, in 2015, FEMAC is launching a new Strategic Plan to become the Agricultural Production Means Cluster, including other linkage sectors related to the same agricultural value chain , not only to gain the enough critical mass as a cluster but also to improve their connections and cooperation with other regions, clusters and innovation players.

Contact person: Mr. Enric Pedrós

Email: femac@femac.org 

Web: www.femac.org Андрей Павелко семьятуры из киева по украинекакой бизнес открывать в канаде